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Glide that Precoat Just Right

Do it the easier way. The Detail Lab shares some handy tips about Ecoclean Precoat that you wouldn't want to miss.
Cr. The Detail Lab

Watch the video to get pro tips by pro detailers.

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How to Apply IGL Coatings Ecoclean Precoat

Just bought your bottle of ecoclean precoat intensive cleaner from IGL Coatings? Learn how to use it and expel greasy residues away with this guide video.

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M.W. Watermark - How To Precoat a Filter Press

M.W. Watermark gives step-by-step instructions to guide you through the precoat process. Precoating a filter press can improve filtrate clarity by adding an extra filtration layer, significantly prolonging filter cloth life.

Without a precoat, the impurities removed from the liquid can bind directly to the filter medium which may blind or damage the filter medium. A precoat layer captures these impurities and creates a cake that breaks away cleanly from the filter cloth. An easier cake release can reduce the amount of filter cloth cleaning required, thus potentially reducing manpower requirements and increasing productivity.




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