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[소비마마] 대공개! 궁중소비실록-소비마마(Full)

자꾸 나를 가로막는 자, 누구인가!!

‘소비마마’의 소비를 가로막기 위해
드디어 등장한 소비 관리 #신한페이판 !!

늘~ 늘~ 늘! 소비 관리 속, 소비마마의 운명은?
결말이 궁금하다면 지금 플레이!

안효섭, 장영남, 조병규 주연
다시쓰는 궁중 소비 실록 #소비마마_늘
⭐절찬 상영중⭐

#신한카드 #광고라쓰고_영화라읽는다
#신한금융그룹 #소비마마
#늘_소비할_때마다 #늘_소비_관리하시옵소서

ShinhanCard PoC Demo

ShinhanCard Proof-of-Concept -
***This video has sound - Transcript available below***

This PoC video is a result of the MoU between Omise, OmiseGO and ShinhanCard to explore opportunities for fintech and blockchain initiatives which was announced in April 2018. OmiseGO has been closely collaborating with ShinhanCard to exchange learnings and increase capacity to adopt blockchain technologies.

The use case demonstrates a cross-border PoC with the aim to expand the acceptance of ShinhanCard’s loyalty program to international markets and enable borderless interoperability. The demonstration is based on a transaction of digital assets of tokenized value that are minted to represent ShinhanCard’s reward point.

Find out more about this Proof of Concept at:

Video Transcript:
Hello everyone,
I'm from a team of digital business division of Shinhancard
Im a manager and I'm in-charge of research about new technologies
My current commitment is about blockchain.
Before getting started Id like to say that my team members and I are really really happy and so excited to record this video of proof of concept with the support of OmiseGO plasma development team
And I really hope this video would be able to help people to understand what businesses can do with the plasma
Ok, lets begin…
In this usecase, uhhh… we gonna explore using plasma chain for a customer to redeem points for cash in a different country.
We have two views one is an interface on the company side, and another one being an interface for customer application, which belongs to Alice.
We're on our plasma interface tool which allows us to quickly interact with the local plasma tool of the environment. And Please keep in mind that in this production use case you'd be utilizing the e-wallet suite for this.
So first we are gonna deposit 10 Shinhan points unto the childchain.
The points have been tokenized already in the form of ERC20
This is gonna take a while because the rootchain has a 15 second block time, as we all know.
So once we waited enough for confirmation our balance should have been updated.
OK, it is deposited, and now we can send points to Alice on the child chain.
As you expect this deduction should take much faster to update.
So we have a mock-up of a consumer mobile app for Alice.
This app is connected to the plasma chain so Alice can see her balance is 10.
She could decide to spend the amount and finally redeem it for Thai baht.
Transaction is confirmed and this actually happens instantly on the plasma childchain.
Ok, this is the end of the demo…
Actually as the person who is in-charge of who implement of blockchain technology into our actual service this proof of concept was really really helpful to understand what we can do with the plasma and blockchain itself and my team members are also looking forward to seeing and experiencing the next stage of this project.

「루키 프로젝트 1st 큐레이션」 가호(Gaho) - Full ver.ㅣ신한카드ㅣShinhancard

이태원클라쓰 OST "시작"으로 유명한 뮤지션 가호와 함께 한
신한카드 루키 프로젝트의 새로운 "시작"

뮤지션의 꿈과 열정을 응원하는
신한카드 루키 프로젝트가
「Live 큐레이션」으로 새롭게 "시작"합니다.

기존의 오프라인 오디션 방식이 아닌,
매월 신인 뮤지션을 선정, 라이브 영상으로 소개하는 「Live 큐레이션」

나만 알고 싶은 매력적인 신인 뮤지션들을
「신한카드 루키 프로젝트 - Live 큐레이션」에서 만나보세요!

00:13~01:32 인터뷰 1
01:33~04:47 "시작" Live
04:48~06:14 인터뷰 2
06:15~09:25 "A song for you" Live

▷ 뮤지션 참가신청 :루키2020




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